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RNA [rA, rC, rG, rU]: RNA Phosphodiester Linkage

RNA PS [rA*, rC*, rG*, rU*]: RNA with Phosphorothioate Linkage

2’-OMe [mA, mC, mG, mU]: 2’-O-Methyl RNA with Phosphodiester Linkage

2’-OMe PS [mA*, mC*, mG*, mU*]: 2’-O-Methyl RNA with Phosphorothioate Linkage

2’-MOE [moA, moC, moG, moT]: 2’-O-Methoxyethyl RNA with Phosphodiester Linkage

2’-MOE PS [moA*, moC*, moG*, moT*]: 2’-O-Methoxyethyl RNA with Phosphorothioate Linkage

2’-Fluoro RNA [fA, fC, fG, fU]: 2’-Fluoro RNA with Phosphodiester Linkage

2’-Fluoro RNA PS [fA*, fC*, fG*, fU*]: 2’-Fluoro RNA with Phosphorothioate Linkage

DNA [dA, dC, dG, dT]: DNA with Phosphodiester Linkage

DNA PS [dA*, dC*, dG*, dT*]: DNA with Phosphorothioate Linkage

LNA [lA, lC, lG, lT]: Locked nucleic acid with Phosphodiester Linkage

LNA PS [lA*, lC*, lG*, lT*]: Locked nucleic acid with Phosphorothioate Linkage