Manufacturing boost for SynGenis through Government Funding

PERTH, AUSTRALIA, 3 November 2021: – Medical technology start-up SynGenis Pty Ltd today announced it has received $50,000 under the MTP Manufacturing Voucher Program.

The Perth-based business makes the raw materials needed for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) Covid-19 tests and the funds will enable SynGenis to deliver ISO 9001:2015 and GMP certified products to the market.

SynGenis has established Australia’s only commercial manufacturing facility for custom synthetic oligonucleotides including DNA, RNA and modified RNA in 2020 and has since grown rapidly.

SynGenis Business development Manager Sofie De Meyer said, “With a global increased demand in diagnostics and therapeutics as well as broken international supply chains, we have realised the need to establish manufacturing capabilities in Australia and service a growing medical industry.”

Backed by decades of oligonucleotide synthesis expertise, SynGenis can provide a wide range of DNA, RNA and modified RNAs in a variety of scales from micro-grams to grams.

SynGenis Founder and Managing Director, Associate Professor Rakesh Veedu, said “Australian diagnostics and therapeutics companies as well as researchers across the country have had to rely on overseas suppliers for their oligonucleotides, resulting in delayed deliveries and quality issues It was only logical to make our expertise available to the industry and establish our manufacturing facilities at Bentley Technology Park in Perth Western Australia.”

This Voucher Program funded by MTPConnect, WA Government’s New Industries Fund and the University of Western Australia, aims to boost the development and manufacturing of products such as medical devices, diagnostics, biologics and pharmaceuticals.

“Oligonucleotides are a fundamental component in developing a large variety of diagnostic and therapeutic products, and we congratulate SynGenis on being selected for the Program funding” said Dr Tracey Wilkinson, MTPConnect Director Stakeholder Engagement WA.

SynGenis Chairman Steve Arnott said “the opportunity to partner with MTPConnect to accelerate the development of SynGenis and reach standards required by industry was welcomed. The establishment of this core competency for relevant researchers and organisations in Australia will be of great benefit to them.”

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