SynGenis showcase through Biotech Trail at Tech Park event

BENTLEY, AUSTRALIA – February 4th 2022 – SynGenis Pty Ltd received a small business grant from the Town of Victoria Park to showcase Biotechnology Businesses in Bentley Technology Park.

“SynGenis has been awarded a grant from Victoria Park Council to organise a Biotech trail event together with Epichem, Gene S and Xytovet, and we are delighted to have this wonderful support and recognition from our local council to showcase what we have to offer the world” said Associate Professor Rakesh N. Veedu, SynGenis Managing Director. The event, which will take place on Friday 18th of March 2022, will allow visitors to walk and explore the many Biotechnology Businesses operating from Bentley Technology Park, get some behind the scenes insights whilst enjoying delicious local food.

“Epichem is proud to work in partnership and collaboration with the other organisations to share our capabilities to clients and key stakeholders. We welcome the opportunity to network with other Lifescience, Biotech, Agtech and STEM companies to discuss our experience, expertise and capability.“ said Colin La Galia, Epichem CEO.

“This is an exciting time in Western Australia for Biotechnology. As a new start-up biotechnology company we welcome the opportunity to meet other organisations to discuss and share our skills, expertise and experiences“ said Dr Suzanna Lindsey-Temple and Dr Svetlana Baltic, Gene S Co-founders.

About SynGenis

SynGenis is an Australian-based commerial oligonucleotide manufacturing company with state-of-the-art facilities in Bentley Technology Park. SynGenis specialises in the production and supply of high-quality DNA, RNA and modified oligonucleotides for use in therapeutics, diagnostics and drug delivery applications. With significant expertise in the design, synthesis chemistry and quality assuance, and years of experience in custom oligonucleotide manufacturing, we support our customers from the R&D phase right through to commercial production.

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About Epichem

Epichem is a wholly owned subsidiary of the ASX listed company PharmAust Limited. Located in Bentley Technology Park, Epichem has been delivering products and services in synthetic and medicinal chemistry to the global drug discovery and pharmaceutical industries in over 40 countries worldwide for over 18 years. Epichem has newly constructed purpose-built, state-of-the-art laboratories and has world class equipment and expertise in synthetic and medicinal chemistry to support drug discovery projects, and for the cost-effective synthesis of drug analogue libraries and intermediates. It also has a rapidly growing catalogue of pharmaceutical reference standards. Epichem also specialises in Custom Synthesis, Analytical Chemistry and Materials Science.

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About Gene S

Gene S is a Western Australian based start-up biotechnology company providing accessible, affordable, rapid and reliable genetic solutions to facilitate personalised prescription therapies to improve the health and wellbeing of the population.

The company has a novel, innovative and disruptive technology that provides personalised prescription medication using pharmacogenomics and a precise detection method. This personalised precision prescription medical device will assist doctors in prescribing the right medication at the right dose the first time. The technology will allow doctors to assess a patient’s genetic profile (their individual prescriptome) to specific medication pathways. This will ensure that patients receive the optimum treatment roadmap, reduce the risk of medication side effects and save governments billions of dollars every year in healthcare costs.

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About Xytovet

Xytovet is a Western Australian biotechnology company which exists to support farmers in their pursuit of livestock and aquaculture productivity excellence. We do this by providing invaluable insights into DNA and Health, so famers can make informed management decisions. Working extensively with farmers, breeders, and veterinarians, we offer a full range of DNA services for breeding and bloodstock selection. This includes 50K genotyping, SNP based parentage testing, recessive genetic condition testing and disease surveillance. We also provide bespoke microbiology and molecular biology diagnostic and research services. Our laboratory in Technology Park is fully equipped with state-of-the-art robotic technology from where we provide comprehensive services to clients located  throughout Australia and Asia.

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