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Our team is passionate about supporting diagnostic and therapeutic development for both research organisations and businesses including those operating in the pharmaceutical industry. With our collective expertise in nucleic acid synthesis chemistry and years of experience in oligonucleotide manufacturing from our advisory team and board members, SynGenis leverage the best global expertise to supply our customers with high quality oligonucleotides. All of our products are Australian made and owned and manufactured in Western Australia.

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Synthetic single or double stranded RNA oligonucleotides with either Phosphodiester or Phosphorothioate linkage and additional 5’ or 3’ tags.



Custom modified RNA (MOD) oligonucleotides with 2’-O-Methyl (2’-OMe), 2’-O-Methoxyethyl (2’-MOE), 2’-Fluoro (2’-F) or Locked nucleic acid (LNA) chemistry and Phosphodiester or Phosphorothioate Linkage.


Custom DNA oligonucleotides synthesised to specification with either Phosphodiester or Phosphorothioate Linkage and additional 5’ or 3’ tags.


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