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All your custom Oligonucleotide Synthesis Needs

Custom Probe/Primer Design & Chemistry

Our team has a wide range of knowledge and more than 15 years of expertise in oligonucleotide synthesis and oligonucleotide design. If you are in the research phase, we can assist in the design of probes to suit your experiments. This can span from antisense, siRNAs, miRNA, antimiRs, DNAzymes and aptamer oligonucleotides for cell culture experiments to in vivo animal or human trials. If you are a diagnostic manufacturer that is looking to improve oligonucleotide specificity, then we can assist in optimising the design together with your R&D team. Through our connections with various research institutes, we have access to the latest research in oligonucleotide synthesis and chemistry.

HPLC Purification And Analysis

All of our oligonucleotides come standard desalted. However, your project might demand exceptionally high purity to improve the oligonculeotide performance or prevent any unnecessary side effects due to impurities. For these applications we offer a high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) service, which will ensure that only molecules of the correct size remain in your final product. Please indicate in your quote request if you require additional HPLC purification and analysis using the table below:

Product #

Synthesis scale & other scales on request

HPLC01-200 (HPLC)

200 nmol


1 nmol


2 nmol


5 nmol


10 nmol

HPLC03-200 (Dual HPLC)


HPLC03-M01 (Dual HPLC)

1 μmol

HPLC03-M02 (Dual HPLC)

2 μmol

HPLC03-M05 (Dual HPLC)

5 μmol

HPLC03-M10 (Dual HPLC)

10 μmol


HPLC Analysis